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First Half Impressions

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  1. Flynn is having trouble handling the blitz, mostly because Mike McCarthy is calling more vertical plays against them. Once he switched to shorter routes, however, Flynn’s been better against them.
  2. The O-Line is a mixed bag. Some run plays they dominate, some they get stood up. Some passing plays they hold well, and some they let Wilfork slice right through the middle.
  3. The receivers need to stop dropping balls.


  1. Here’s an idea Capers: don’t rush three. Did it multiple times, got burned multiple times (especially on the TD)
  2. The Packers are getting pressure. It’ll be interesting how Billy B checks for it.
  3. The receivers aren’t having a great game for NE. It’s the TEs that’s killing the Packers. Capers has to find a way to stop them or this will turn into a shootout. Problem? The Woodson on Welker is working brilliantly and you really can’t change it.

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December 19, 2010 at 10:06 pm

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Quick Fire Reactions From Tonight’s Game

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1. Collinsworth on Packer’s chances: “let’s just have some fun.” That’s PC for “yeah, right.”

2. Look at Clay’s eyes. The Packers want this. This game could get interesting.

3. This officially in: Mike McCarthy has balls.

4. And MM starts with five wides against a blitz. Message? I’m coming for you.

5. O-Line already getting a good jump on the NE D-Line. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 19, 2010 at 8:28 pm

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How the Packers Can Win Tonight

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Yes, I know what you’re thinking: no way. Fine, I admit it–this is a pretty long shot. Still, the Packers have a chance. A good chance, in fact. If Rodgers were the quarterback, I would pick them to win, but since it’s Flynn, I’ll temper my excitement. Here’s what the Pack needs to do in order to win:

1. Limit the Patriots Offense to Twenty Points

If the Green Bay defense can limit the Patriots to seventeen points or twenty points, the Packers have a really good chance of winning. How can they accomplish this? Only one way: get a good game by Clay Mathews on the edge and B.J. Raji up the middle. He has to be stout against the run and collapse the pocket. Clay will need Brady to get pushed out of the protective pouch. If B.J. can collapse it consistently, Brady will get flushed out. Sure, there’s no one in the league (except maybe for Rodgers) who can stand in the face of immense pressure and deliver a strike. If you do it consistently, however, even the best break. The caveat? If you blitz Brady continuously, he’s going to destroy you. He’ll get the ball into the weak area of the blitz, and Welker is smart enough to be there waiting for him. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 19, 2010 at 3:00 am

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Matt Flynn like Derek Anderson? Come on, man!

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Listening to Green and Gold Today introduces one to a lot of insane comments. For example: the Favre cult that keeps calling in pretending to *not* be Favre culters, only to be outed by the Prime Minister for what they are. Or the James Starks Hall of Fame balloters. But perhaps the most inane thing I heard came from an emailer (or was it caller?) who said that Matt Flynn is basically Derek Anderson: a bad QB surrounded by tons of good wide of whom he is unable to take advantage.

Excuse me? What game were you watching?

Before I go on further, allow me to say that I don’t think Matt Flynn played an amazing game. I’m not going to confuse him with Aaron Rodgers any time soon. He doesn’t have as much zip on the ball as Aaron. He doesn’t move as well as Aaron. He isn’t as accurate at Aaron (especially on the deep ball). There’s a reason why he’s a backup. But I judge backups on the following criteria:

1: Can he implement a good game plan? (meaning not baby game plan but an actual NFL one)
2: Can he make the right reads at the line?
3: Can he keep from making egregious mistakes?
4: Can he make a play or two?

After watching his 5 series of the second half multiple times, I can give an unequivocal yes on 1 and 4, a qualified yes on 2, and an unfortunate no. Let’s take a look at each quality: Read the rest of this entry »

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December 18, 2010 at 5:42 am

NFL Gameday: Packers vs 49ers First Half Impressions

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  • The D-Line is owning the line of scrimmage. Getting good penetration vs. run and pass. BJ Raji has once again limited any success with the run by the opposing team up the middle.
  • When Woodson is not covering Vernan Davis, he’s open. He made an acrobatic catch over Peprah, but Woodson easily intercepts that if he’s covering him. During the zone play, he gets off the line free and Hawk doesn’t drop deep enough. Collins takes a terrible angle and can’t bring him down.
  • Troy Smith can makes plays on the run, but the Packers generally aren’t letting him. They are containing or coming for the kill.
  • Most of the Niners passing game has been short, and even that hasn’t been effective.
  • The Packers have given up two bad plays, and that’s why its 12-14. If they get that cleaned up, it’s not even a contest.

Offensive Impressions:

  • James Starks has come in and played well. He can “get small” and shows toughness.
  • That being said, he cannot pass protect.
  • B-Jax has only one carry, but has made three good catches–none more important than the thirty seven yard screen. He’s Rodgers’ safety valve.
  • When the Packers go no-huddle, they go with three wides, B-Jax, and Quarless.
  • Quarless and Jones once again showing their inconsistency. Quarless can be excused: he’s a rookie. Jones can’.
  • The Packers are passing mostly short, but the big ones are there. Look for McCarthy to throw more of those.
  • And look for him to run it more. It’s been there when he’s tried it, and it keeps you out of the second and fifteen situations.

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December 5, 2010 at 2:51 pm

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NFL Gameday: Packers Vs. 49ers Quick Reactions

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First Defensive series:

  • The pressure is getting there through the middle, but not so much from the left (defensive) side. Is Clay Mathews hurt?
  • Peprah is making plays in the run game and the screen, but he bit on Crabtree’s fake and gave up a big play.
  • The pressure saved the day against the last play. Shields got beat off the ball

First Offensive Series:

  • So far, the Packers have used four wides only once
  • Two straight running play! Isn’t that against McCarthy’s religion?
  • J. Starks has run twice for five yards
  • Blocking doesn’t seem to be great
  • QJ is playing a lot in running packages.
  • So far, Packers using quick, fast routes.
  • With catching it short of the first down, James Jones once again shows his inability to keep his head in the game
  • B-Jax’s nice run came behind big blocks by Wells and Sitton
  • Packers going strictly fast routes vs. the blitz, even on third and long. Wind bothering them? Or afraid of the protection? Read the rest of this entry »

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December 5, 2010 at 1:14 pm

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The Gonzalez Non-Catch and Non-Challenge

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By request, here’s an uncut video of the entire fourth and 3 sequence. A few things to notice:

1. The Packers bring four: Mathews, Zombo, and two D-Linemen. They are actually quite effective at applying pressure. There’s a couple of places Matt Ryan might have been able to go to with the ball initially, but he has to get out of the pocket, and so he’s unable to.

2. The Packers have great initial coverage.

3. When Ryan rolls out, Zombo and Hawk do a kind of rotation. I don’t think it’s planned, but it happens that way: Hawk rushes the exposed flank, leaving his position, and Zombo heads into coverage towards the center of the field. He’s probably following Ryan’s eyes. If Zombo rushes a bit, he actually takes that lane away.

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December 2, 2010 at 10:41 pm

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