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Them’s Fightin’ Words

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Mike McCarthy finally did it. After taking blame for the playcalling, hinting at execution errors, and taking blame for the offense’s inconsistencies, McCarthy finally did it:
“I would say Aaron Rodgers’ season is probably much in line with the season we had as an offense. We’ve been a little bit up and down at times. If you just look at our point production, it’s reflected in that…I think (Rodgers) has had a good year, but it’s time for him and the offense to put their best foot forward when we go to Philadelphia.” Taken from this JS online article.
Them’s fightin’ words. How frustrated is he? By the pass, there are generally two strategies that beat the cover two: short, 5-9 yard completions underneath the coverage and hitting the holes between the safeties and backers and corners. McCarthy called plenty of both during the course of the game. The result: on short throws, the Driver fumbled, Jones ran a sloppy route, B-Jax and Jennings dropped passes to keep the drive going. On the latter, Bulaga held, Jennings and Jones dropped passes, max protect broke down before three Mississippi, and Jennings dropped a touchdown. McCarthy’s not taking the blame anymore. He called a good game. He had a decent game plan. He called some nice plays and designed some beauties. But College whiffed on a max protect, Rodgers threw a duck to a beautiful play design, and Jennings/Jokes/Driver/Jackson couldn’t hold onto first downs.
McCarthy to the offense: I’m not taking blame for this one.
Watching the game, I was impressed with the Chicago defense. Watching it again, I was more disappointed in the Packers offense. And it looks like Coach McPawsitive was too. And he’s not taking it for them this time. Let’s hope it lights a fire under them this week.

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January 4, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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