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Quick Fire: Packers vs Giants

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  • College got a good first block there for six yards
  • There’s Brandon Jackson’s toughness on display. Also worth noting: the Giants blitzed.
  • Another protection misque with Bulaga. That could be a problem all day.
  • Jackson has to hit the hole and not the man in it.
  • That’s what you have to do against these guys: throw deep again and again. It’ll do a bunch to open up your offense.
  • Packers played the playaction really well. Nicks just made an incredible catch.
  • So far this season, the Packers have not responded well to tosses and stretches. Let’s see how they do it without Cullen Jenkins.
  • Basic: get lower than the man you’re tackling. Come on, man!
  • Clay came all the way from the other side to make that tackle. Watch out for a playaction roll out that way or reverse to take advantage of that.
  • Too much time, but Raji finally came through the middle. Last week, they gave up a few pressures from the middle. Look for him.
  • Extremely well played by Tramon and the D-Line. They released the moment they felt the screen develop, keeping it to the outside, where Tramon was waiting.
  • If you read my preview, you knew I called for going after the secondary. They can’t cover. They bite on the double moves and PAs. They are bad.
  • Credit the running from the shotgun on the first drive for that TD.
  • Great play by Mathews, but in the middle, Raji got blown off the ball. Not a good sign.
  • And key number two, check.
  • Wow. Talk about run blocking. If this keeps up, this could be a looong game for the Giants D.
  • Check another preview: Wells, Sitton, College playing well.
  • Great play call by Mike on the screen. Keep the D-Line honest.
  • The “spinorama-in-a-pile-for-first-down” move is becoming Kuhn’s trademark.
  • And Aaron says “Hey, Vick, it’s not just you.”
  • Ok, on that running first down play, the Giants D-Line made the cardinal mistake against a mobile QB: ran up the field. You have to contain people like Rodgers and get pressure up the middle. Rodgers’ escape will go a long way to slowing down that line.
  • Are there any receivers better at the scramble drill than the Packers’ wideouts?
  • McCarthy still being a bit cute in the run game, though. Sometimes, you just have to line it up and slam it.
  • Packers’ D-Line playing extremely well, or are the Giants just not at good in the run game as they were earlier in the season?
  • Hey, Raji reads the blog it seems 😉
  • Right side of the line did its job there, but the left was on its knees at the end of the game.
  • First time the Giants D-Line and pressure made an impact. Have to run more/go shorter routes. Can’t have long developing routes.
  • Giants line just stood up the pressure package sent by Capers.
  • Dear officiating crew, please explain what to do when the receiver runs into you and tries to throw you out of the way.
  • See, that’s what you have to do: West Coast!
  • Look, Mike: I know their secondary sucks. But seriously, just take three step drop routes.
  • Center of the line doing their job.
  • A) Crazy Catch. B) Good route choice.
  • Look, Mike, I get it: they’ll be open on the longer routes, and you’ll be able to get tons of TDs. But you won’t, because your line cannot handle that D-Line and blitz. Go short routes, and hope your receivers can break tackles.
  • Raji was BLATANTLY held on that play.
  • And entire Packers D congregated against the toss. Great, but dangerous: might lead to a fake toss/long play other way.
  • Is anyone as good as Rodgers in buying that extra milisecond to get the ball out and throwing an amazingly accurate ball on the run?
  • The FB dive is killing this D-Line
  • Hey Crabtree, get down when they’re going for the ball.
  • Jordy doing his best James Jones impression this game.
  • I’m with Aaron Nagler on this one: I hate zones, especially ones that leave the running back wide open for the checkdown.
  • Been calling it all day: watch for the Giants taking advantage of aggressiveness of the Packers D.
  • Packers patented “bend don’t break” D on display.
  • What a catch, throw. Taking advantage of the running game.
  • That’s what I mean by quick deep throws: simple go routes against the blitz. Great execution.
  • Finally, Mike goes common sense over too cute. Give credit to A-Rod though, as that was a great play buy him.
  • Oh, B.J. I love you
  • What concerns me about the fumble is how gashed the defense was, mostly because CM3 got out of his lane.
  • Sitton absolutely owned that play
  • Again, Sitton and Wells taking care of business.
  • Sometimes great opportunities are squandered on freak plays.

Written by AdmiralPrice

December 26, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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