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Half Time Thoughts From Packers vs. Giants

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  1. McCarthy needs to remember that, yes, the secondary might suck, but he can only take advantage of that if he can contain the defensive line consistently, which he obviously can’t.  He needs to stick to shorter routes and running (since the center of the line is doing so well) and come to quick deep throws off play action.
  2. Aaron Rodgers is having some sort of game. He’s taking his frustration out on the Giants D.
  3. The running game is winning between the tackles and losing off them. Stay in between, since Wells, Sitton, and College are eating up the Giants DTs.


  1. Mathews is still being contained despite his practice time. Needs to shake the pocket up a bit
  2. The Giants aren’t running very much for two reasons: they’re not doing it well (credit Raji and the D-Line), and the Packers O which scored tons of points
  3. Pass D has to clean things up. Stop making penalties, tackle, and put your hands up to bat down balls (that’s you, Tramon. I don’t care he pushed off).

Written by AdmiralPrice

December 26, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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