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Quick Fire Reactions From Tonight’s Game

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1. Collinsworth on Packer’s chances: “let’s just have some fun.” That’s PC for “yeah, right.”

2. Look at Clay’s eyes. The Packers want this. This game could get interesting.

3. This officially in: Mike McCarthy has balls.

4. And MM starts with five wides against a blitz. Message? I’m coming for you.

5. O-Line already getting a good jump on the NE D-Line.

6. Wilfork played that screen beautifully and the line released too early.

6. Three straight runs, two out of shotgun. MM trying to keep billy guessing.

6. And B-Jax goes right through a Wilfork tackle (who beats college)

7. Passes like that will ease Packers fans fears about Flynn.

8. Flynn needs to read that blitz better. Someone’s got to be open over the middle.

9. It’s official: Flynn getting frazzeled against the blitz.

10. Flynn needs to get a good read on the D before the snap and know where the holes in the blitz is. That’s why five wides works: you can put a man in any hole. But only the best QBs, and the smartest, can make effective use of it. We saw Flynn get frazzled twice. Read and dump within two seconds, max.

11. Woodson in the slot is a great idea, considering that’s exactly wehre Welker will be, and there are only a few CBs who play as well as Woodson on the line.

12. But that’s also going to be a big key: how does Capers play Gronk. That time, not so great.

13. If you read my keys to the game (yeah right) you’d know that I called for B.J. to have a great game if the Packers wanted to win.

14. The Packers forcing Brady to move. Interesting: Woodson was on Gronk that time.

15. 4th and 26 anyone?

16. And you would also know that stopping the run was a big key to the game if you read my preview. So far, offense performs, defense lets down.

17. If the Packers want to stay in this game, Woodson has to make that pick. It was thrown right to him.

18. Great concentration there Mr. Jones.

19. What to do with Vince Wilfork? How about blocking him?

20. Give credit to Jarret Bush for making every attempt not to hit Edelmen.

21. Woodson seems to be staying with Welker.

22. Oh look, pressure worked. Now let’s NOT bring it!

23. Capers needs to stop getting cute. This NE offense call run the ball. Remember that.

24. It’s in: Woodson is on Welker or Gronk. Let’s see who when they’re on together.

25. You HAVE to catch the picks!!!

26. What we saw there was players making plays when they needed to. The turning play of the drive was Woodson feeling the screen and attacking it.

27. I’m not going to say it yet. Give him some time.

28. Flynn showing escapability by getting away. But now even Sitton’s getting beat. Jeez, this is terrible.

29. Overall, ok quarter. Jones needs to make that catch, Woodson/Shields have to make those picks. Things to watch: Can Flynn beat the blitz? Will Billy B even have to blitz with that kind of pressure by three/four men? Can the D-Line control the LoS?

30. Bad safety angle, beautiful pass, ballsy call, and decent O-line play. Can he do it? Can he do it? Just maybe.

31. That sack brought to you courtesy of B.J. Raji.

32. And that is why, Mr. Capers, you have to go after the dude.

33. B.J. Raji is having a monster game. Breaking down the pocket and getting penetration on the run. That’s how you power the middle of a 3-4

34. A) O-Line getting killed. B) Flynn, let that ball go.

35. What was that in the previews about Packers wideouts stepping up? Now just set up a punt.

36. McCarthy needs to set up Flynn with some west coast routes, get him and the O-Line in a rhythm.

37. Raji having some kind of game.

38. Brady and Pats going to short routes to limit the pressure? I like.

39. Thank you for your effort, Mr. Williams, but just fair catch that.

40. Make an effort on that ball Jennings. You have to.

41. Either they are really focusing on Jennings, or Flynn has a real rapport with the second team wos.

42. Look at the push the O-Line got on that play. Need more of that.

43. Maybe MM is reading my blog? Fast, quick routes against the blitz.

44. What a strike thrown by Flynn. He’s got some juice in his noodle arms. Quarless needs to make that catch.

45. B-Jax has patented the “get away from first tackle by ducking” move.

46. See what happens when you block O-Line?

47. Hey wideouts: read the blog like MM and CATCH THE BLOODY BALL.

48. Just a bit off by the two of them.

49. Excellent, excellent call by MM. he is calling this game well.

50. McCarthy had a brilliant drive playcalling wise. Had Billy B’s number the whole way through.

51. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how bad our kick coverage is.

52. Great, great play by Walden. Just wrap up and bring down.

53. Hey look, the Capers patented “screw up a great gameplan” play.

54. Please don’t tell me you’re going to NOT go for a field goal, at least, MM!

55. I’m having dinner. Until I’m done, updates will be less frequent.

56. Slocum: watch for onside on the kick off.

57. Good backside blocking, but solid vision and good running by B-Jax.

58. A third and short. What will McCarthy call. Five wides with short routes? Or pound it?

59. How will Flynn respond to the pick? Be fluttery? Or still fling it? That int was both Jones and Flynn’s fault. Can’t throw that ball, and can’t breakoff that rout.

60. Dinner done 😉

61. This drive is dominated by inspired play by backs. Good vision by B-Jax and Kuhn, good screen running by Nance. All the backs are keeping their feet going. This is the way to step up for your quarterback.

62. This drive saved by Wilfork’s facemask.

63. Poetic: the drive was carried by the RBs, and capped by the RBs. Perfect.

64. Great play by Mathews. Got the defense organized too, and then made the play on Welker.

65. Raji with sack number 2. He’s been reading the blog too.

66. After that pick, McCarthy is giving Flynn a security blanket on each play, and he’s taking it frequently. Smart.

67. Was that Rodgers? NO! That was Flynn!

68. Nance had a nice opportunity there, but Lee can’t seal that block.

69. Short, quick routes. A good idea.

70. I thought the receivers would take over this game. But no, it’s the running backs. Way to step up for a young QB.

71. First time, ok, I get it, sneaky. Second time is just dumb.

72. And that’s why rushing is so dangerous. But there’s no other way to stop him.

73. Well read by Bishop there. Big third down. Big, big third down. Have to stop them here.

74. Rush worked well, but you HAVE to catch the picks.

75. Get. that. ball. out.

I’ve lost serious connection. No more updates tonight.


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December 19, 2010 at 8:28 pm

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