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First Half Impressions

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  1. Flynn is having trouble handling the blitz, mostly because Mike McCarthy is calling more vertical plays against them. Once he switched to shorter routes, however, Flynn’s been better against them.
  2. The O-Line is a mixed bag. Some run plays they dominate, some they get stood up. Some passing plays they hold well, and some they let Wilfork slice right through the middle.
  3. The receivers need to stop dropping balls.


  1. Here’s an idea Capers: don’t rush three. Did it multiple times, got burned multiple times (especially on the TD)
  2. The Packers are getting pressure. It’ll be interesting how Billy B checks for it.
  3. The receivers aren’t having a great game for NE. It’s the TEs that’s killing the Packers. Capers has to find a way to stop them or this will turn into a shootout. Problem? The Woodson on Welker is working brilliantly and you really can’t change it.

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December 19, 2010 at 10:06 pm

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