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NFL Gameday: Packers Vs. 49ers Quick Reactions

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First Defensive series:

  • The pressure is getting there through the middle, but not so much from the left (defensive) side. Is Clay Mathews hurt?
  • Peprah is making plays in the run game and the screen, but he bit on Crabtree’s fake and gave up a big play.
  • The pressure saved the day against the last play. Shields got beat off the ball

First Offensive Series:

  • So far, the Packers have used four wides only once
  • Two straight running play! Isn’t that against McCarthy’s religion?
  • J. Starks has run twice for five yards
  • Blocking doesn’t seem to be great
  • QJ is playing a lot in running packages.
  • So far, Packers using quick, fast routes.
  • With catching it short of the first down, James Jones once again shows his inability to keep his head in the game
  • B-Jax’s nice run came behind big blocks by Wells and Sitton
  • Packers going strictly fast routes vs. the blitz, even on third and long. Wind bothering them? Or afraid of the protection?

Second defensive series:

  • Packers not showing any need to bring a safety into the box against the run
  • Packers reacted well to the play action

Second Offensive Series:

  • Rodgers going quick strikes only. When he’s going fast, he’s not connecting with accurate throws; they’ve sailed on him twice now.
  • The sack screwed that drive up. The second down play he had time, but went short immediately.

Third Defensive Series:

  • Packers shutting down the run, and the 49ers are moving away from it.
  • Quick slant on the run and pass option. Tramon gave Crabtree a free release and the inside shoulder.
  • Peprah needs to turn his head around.
  • That being said, credit the D-Line for holding the LoS
  • Jenkins comes unblocked and makes a big hustle play from the back.
  • Coverage play. The Packers rushed only three and still collapsed the left (defensive) side.

Third Offensive Series

  • Sacks on first down are killing the Packers. Rodgers needs to take the checkdown on that play.
  • The Packers have to run the ball more. There’s no other option.
  • Rodgers facing trouble against the cover two.
  • Another inaccurate long ball from Rodgers. Granted, he was on the run because the niners got pressure with a three man rush.
  • The Packers losing on “hidden yardage” again.

Fourth Defensive Series:

  • Packers D-Line absolutely stone-walling the center. BJ Raji absolutely anchoring the center.
  • Tramon Williams doing what he does best: baiting inexperienced QBs.
  • The Niners’ guards just sat there against the three man rush. If he doubles up on Jenkins, Troy Smith doesn’t get sacked.

Fourth Offensive Series:

  • Starks showing ability to “get small” and keeps his legs moving. Very nice run
  • On third and one, 9ners go offsides and Rodgers make em pay. Niners have shown deep ball vulnerability twice. Have to keep going at them.

Fifth Defensive Series

  • Is it wet out there?
  • Sam Shields was not expecting that. In a zone, you’re supposed to watch the QB, right?
  • Tramon, just go out of bounds at that point.

Fifth Offensive Series:

  • Starks showing strong running. Gets small, good vision, keeps moving his legs. We may have been wrong about him.
  • Kuhn is getting some nice short yardage carries
  • Rodgers jumped because Scott Wells should have snapped that ball, but didn’t.
  • B-Jax shows good vision, but also his limitations on that screen. If that’s Ryan Grant in the open field, TD
  • Packers running between Sitton and Wells for their short yardage twice on the same drive.

Sixth Defensive Series:

  • Packers diagnose that screen perfectly. Absolutely killed it.
  • Terrible tackling. Absolutely horrendous. Hawk needs to get deeper as well.
  • If Sam doesn’t go out of bounds there, that’s an even bigger run back.

Sixth Offensive Series:

  • Aaron Rodgers missing just by this much. They have to keep attacking deep.
  • These referees are terrible.
  • Quarless drops a big pass. Nothing else to say about the play. Just a drop.

Seventh Defensive Series:

  • Packers weren’t ready for a run, and for good reason. Niners only have one time out left in forty six seconds.
  • And…they are just going to run the clock out. Doesn’t make much sense, but ok. Packers get it back in the second half.

Seventh Offensive Series:

  • Packers get a good push up the middle, but Starks doesn’t see it and goes rigth. If he does, that’s a big gain.
  • The PA fools no one. And it won’t, yet.
  • Great awareness by Rodgers to shovel it. Still, he needs to do that *earlier*
  • These refs are *terrible*
  • running so far by the Packers wide receivers. Donald Driver isn’t old enough yet. Give Quarless credit for running down and helping get people off Driver.

Eighth Defensive Series:

  • The Packers D-Line absolutely owning the line of scrimmage.
  • Woodson got knocked down during the bump. Give Peprah credit for making a difficult tackle, though just barely.
  • I don’t know why Capers is getting cute. There’s no need to bring more than four men. You’ll get pressure with four.
  • Look at Mr. Howard Green taking all 375 pounds upfield to help make that tackle.
  • The Niners have figured it out: don’t attack the middle; attack the sides. Let’s see if the backers can hold them.
  • Up the middle, and stuffed again.
  • Packers D holds. Then again, San Fran is #31 in points scored this season (thanks to Lori Nickel for pointing that out)

Eighth Offensive Drive:

  • Two things on the big play: PA is working now, and the safety play by the Niners is terrible.
  • Failed pass protection there and Rodgers slips for a sack.
  • Rodgers’ athleticism saves the day again. Still, he needs to slide there.
  • Terrible, absolutely terrible secondary play by the Niners. The corner goes up for a jam, misses, and Greg Jennings gets wide open behind him in the endzone.
  • Even though they’ve been running better, the Packers went all passes from the two yard line for the TD.

Ninth Defensive Drive:

  • Davis needs to hang on to that one. How do you lose track of Vernon Davis? He’s only their best player.
  • 2 Drops in a row by the Niners. Disheartened at this point.
  • Ted Gin Jr. gets behind Shields, but steps out before making the catch. Unbelievable. Two big breaks for the Packers. Why is the secondary playing so suspect?
  • And Tramon with a nice return up the middle. Almost broke it the whole way.

Ninth Offensive Drive:

  • Good block by Quinn Johnson on that 4 yard gain
  • Run-pass option gets a nice first down by Jordy Nelson
  • B-Jax could have cut back on that play
  • B-Jax once again showing his ability to make people miss and gets nine on the check down
  • The middle of the O-Line gets a nice push. B-Jax in for the short-yardage first down.
  • Remember folks: this Niners D is ranked 9th against the run in the NFL.
  • B-Jax tried to take that outside, but the LBs closed quick
  • That pass just sailed on Rodgers. Has to hit that in the red zone.
  • That screen failed miserably. No lane to throw the football. They need to release faster.
  • Aaand the Packers do what they always do: putter in the redzone.

Tenth Defensive Series:

  • Mathews looks slow.  and tentative. Zombo, on the other hand, pushes his man all the way back into Smith and then getting the sack.

Eleventh Offensive Series:

  • Fullback misses a block, leading to a bad run
  • Good blocking in the middle by Sitton and Wells and hard running by Starks
  • Middle of the line getting good push all day
  • Except for that run. Line got held up, but still got two yards
  • Good blocking by the line. The blitz exposes the center of the field, and Rodgers takes off.
  • Good blocking by Colledge, Quinn Johnson. If Starks doesn’t slip, he’s gone.
  • Quinn Johnson doesn’t know where to line up, and Rodgers takes a TO. This time, however, he doesn’t yell at him…much
  • Quarless misses his block, or that’s a first down.
  • Starks needs to stay in bounds there, and he knows it
  • Would have like to see Rodgers float it on the offsides
  • Kuhn gets that first all by himself. Broke two tackles there.
  • Great shoe string tackle against Starks. If not, that’s a bigger gain.
  • 15th play. Wow, what a drive.
  • Starks stayed to block on that PA, and didn’t blow the play up.
  • Lots of TOs on confusion before the snap this game.
  • Packers, with that play, were basically ok with settling for the FG
  • Held my breath a little for that FG 😉
  • 17 play, 74 yard scoring drive. Wow. Against the eighth ranked running defense too.

At this point I’m going to stop blogging the updates. The game was over a long time ago, but after that drive, this is a good place to end it. Thanks for joining me!


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December 5, 2010 at 1:14 pm

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