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NFL Gameday: Packers vs 49ers First Half Impressions

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  • The D-Line is owning the line of scrimmage. Getting good penetration vs. run and pass. BJ Raji has once again limited any success with the run by the opposing team up the middle.
  • When Woodson is not covering Vernan Davis, he’s open. He made an acrobatic catch over Peprah, but Woodson easily intercepts that if he’s covering him. During the zone play, he gets off the line free and Hawk doesn’t drop deep enough. Collins takes a terrible angle and can’t bring him down.
  • Troy Smith can makes plays on the run, but the Packers generally aren’t letting him. They are containing or coming for the kill.
  • Most of the Niners passing game has been short, and even that hasn’t been effective.
  • The Packers have given up two bad plays, and that’s why its 12-14. If they get that cleaned up, it’s not even a contest.

Offensive Impressions:

  • James Starks has come in and played well. He can “get small” and shows toughness.
  • That being said, he cannot pass protect.
  • B-Jax has only one carry, but has made three good catches–none more important than the thirty seven yard screen. He’s Rodgers’ safety valve.
  • When the Packers go no-huddle, they go with three wides, B-Jax, and Quarless.
  • Quarless and Jones once again showing their inconsistency. Quarless can be excused: he’s a rookie. Jones can’.
  • The Packers are passing mostly short, but the big ones are there. Look for McCarthy to throw more of those.
  • And look for him to run it more. It’s been there when he’s tried it, and it keeps you out of the second and fifteen situations.

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December 5, 2010 at 2:51 pm

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