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The Packers’ Running Game

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This has been a hot topic amongst fans and experts alike during the last few weeks, and especially after the dismal performance of the running game during Atlanta. I’ve made a short video (about five minutes) highlighting a few plays that I though were significant and fairly indicative of the overall performance. What I’ve found is the following:

  • During the first three quarters of the game, the O-Line was getting blown up. They were continuously losing the line of scrimmage. The running game relies on the push of the line. When your guards are going backwards and your tackles are whiffing on blocks, don’t expect much room to run.
  • B-Jax was doing his best just to get to the line of scrimmage. There were about three plays where he got hit behind the line by more than one person and was still able to get back to the original spot
  • The cut-back was generally not there, and for two reasons: first, the line was getting blown up across the board, and second, the Atlanta D was very disciplined on the backside containment.
  • The few run that went well, we saw good blocking (especially from the guards and Quinn Johnson) and B-Jax had just enough to make the first man miss.
  • Quinn Johnson played a lot in the running game.

Before we can evaluate the running game any further, we need to acknowledge that this line, though it’s pretty ok in pass protection, is not very good in run blocking. It could be because they don’t practice and drill it very often. It could be because they’re just not that good at run blocking. I don’t know. I’m qualified to pass judgment on that. But I will say this: get off B-Jax, because there are constantly four or five defenders on him during run plays, and he doesn’t need the Packer fan base piling on. We don’t know what or where he is until the line starts blocking better.


Written by AdmiralPrice

December 2, 2010 at 6:22 pm

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